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• CV Looking for a job in following fields: environment, healthcare, women's health, non-profit organizat

Unemployed - latest Data Analyst Supply Chain, Sought job: looking for a position in Supply Chain in any geographical location in environmental/healthcare/medical devices industry. Duration depending on position offer, job content and geographical location, no preferences. Supply chain analyst, Data analyst Logistics coordinator


• CV CEO, CFO, Finance Controller, Business Unit Manager

CFO, Sought job:I'm looking for a job as a CEO, CFO, Finance Controller , Business Unit Manager or a transversal position (international oriented) France, USA, Switzerland, China... CFO, CEO Finance Controller

(97490 Sainte Clotilde Fr)

• CV Journaliste généraliste Journaliste spécialisé propriété intellectuelle, innovation, nouvelles tech

Journaliste, I am a seasoned journalist specialised in global policy-making, including public health and intellectual property. I am looking for a staffed or independent position, preferably in Switzerland, or in neighbouring France, the Rhône Alpes or Grand Est regions. I am available immediately. Pigiste ou employée à temps partiel, Communication Recherche documentaire

(01210 Versonnex Fr)

• CV Chief Executive Officer

Executive Assistant and Networks Administrator, I am looking for a job in my areas of skills in Administration, Computer Networks, Management and Database Management and also I am looking for a job in the geographical area around the world. (North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania) Executive Assistant, Networks Administrator Database Administrator

(+243 Kinshasa Cd)

• CV Fashion, beauty, healthy food industries. Trend forecasting Digital market research Marketing I

Business development, Sought job: Consulting / Fashion / France, Paris, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, London, New York, U.S. Consultant, Marketing Strategic analyst

(Beirut Lb)

• CV Design, Production,

Leader Designer CATIA, I am looking for a Job as Design Engineer or as Production Engineer with CATIAV5. I hope that somebody give me the opportunity to start to work in this filed because is my life... Senior Design,, Production Engineer Leader Design

(1820 Montreux Ch)

• CV Technician maintenance, responsable maintenance, poste en rotation

Mechanic shift leader, Emploi de responsable maintenance offshore Responsable maintenance, Chef equipe maintenance Technician maintenance ou in stallation

(39230 Bois de gand Fr)

• CV Informatique

Développeur Informatique, Développeur informatique Développeur informatique, Programmeur informatique

(101 Antananarivo Mg)

• CV Directeur technique

Directeur Technique, Recherche d'un offre d'emploi et immigration. Directeur technique, Technico-commercial Operations manager

(2037 Tunis Tn)

• CV Consultant IT

Consultant, Computer Technician, Networks/Databases Administrator, Designer and Web Developper Community Manager, Auditeur de Sécurité Informatique Consultant

(5052 Bou Othmane, OUARDANINE Tn)

• CV Direction/Responsabilite

Directeur, Je suis detenteur des diplomes Academique et univesitaires successivement en Informatique de Gestion ,Licence en Gestion et Master en Business Administration. Detenteur des Certificats Professionnels dans le domaine de TICs, Gestion ,Audit et Conduite des Projets CPT Coordination d un Projet ou equivalent, Manager/ Expert en IT Consultance dans la Gestion strategique /Evaluation ou implementation d'un Projet

(Kigali Kigali/RWANDA Rw)

• CV Ingénieur R&D

Ingénieur d'études, Emploi d'ingénieur R&D - domaine chimie / polymères / énergies renouvelables Ingénieur chercheur, Ingénieur études

(38100 Grenoble Fr)

• CV IT Infrastructure Support, System Support, System Admin, Project management and support

Unemployed, IT Professional, emphasizing Desktop, Network support and IT project management. Excellent problem solver with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Highly enthusiastic and adaptive individual, always ready to take on responsibilities and new challenges. IT Infrastructure /System Support, System Administrator Project management and support

(1226 Geneva Ch)

• CV Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Oil Well

Application Engineer, Sought job:Instrumentation & Control Engineer Instrumentation Engineer, Control System Engineer, Automation Engineer, Commissioning Engineer.,

( 625009 In)

• CV Travail avec pédagogie, migration, politiques, education

Assistante d'investigation, Language teacher, research assistant, academic analysis, writing, social investigation, public policies Professeur, enseignant, rechercheur, investigation, analyse,

(4409 Belvaux Lu)

• CV Information Manager

Editor-in-chief, Sought job: I am editor-in-chief at France Televisions since 2014. I am in charge of a 40-year-old news show broadcasted every Sunday afternoon on France 2. I am responsible for managing an editorial staff of 50 journalists and implementing new ways to make us more competitive and efficient. Communications Officer, Editor-in-chief Journalist reporter

(75015 Paris Fr)

• CV Project manager

Home Office & site Construction Manager, OIL & GAS CONSTRUCTION MANAGER Construction Manager,

(69100 Villeurbanne Fr)

• CV Businesses developer

Business Development, I'm actually work in Ireland and looking for a new position in sales or marketing in Switzerland. Sales engineer, Marketing assistant Businesses developer

( V94 F60F Eircode found Ie)

• CV Any Permanent , Temporary , Contractual

Rig Doctor, Sought job: Rig Medic /Rig Doctor /HSE Medic Rig Medic / Rig Doctor, HSE Medic Offshore Medic

( 425412 In)

• CV Local development, regional development planning, monitoring and evaluation

Independant consultant, Position related to local and regional development, as advisor, project officer, planning facilitator, multi stakeholder dialogue facilitation Technical advisor, project officer,

(91055 Xalapa Mx)

• CV Any Video/Camera Related Field of work

Video Technician, Sought job:Visual Editor / Media-Camera-related Work Video Editor, CameraMan Producer

(01170 Echenevex Fr)

• CV Manager, Consultant, Project Manager, Professor, Trainer, Educator, Coach, Evaluator, Quality Assura

Senior Manager, Manager, Project Director, Project Manager, Senior Consultant,, Consultant, Professor, Manager, Consultant, Project Manager, Professor, Trainer, Educator, Coach, Evaluator, Quality Assurancer Manager, Consultant, Project Manager, Professor, Trainer, Educator, Coach, Evaluator, Quality Assura,

(13100 Aix-en-Provence Fr)

• CV IT specialist

Project manager / Senior developer, Oracle DBA / Oracle Senior Developer / BI / Project manager Project Manager, Oracle database administrator (DBA) Senior developer

(1029 Villars-Ste-Croix Ch)

• CV Professeur dans une école internationale ou assistante administrative axée anglais francais

Assistante administrative / professeur, Emploi de professeur ou employé administratif Enseigner dans une université ou une ecole ou travailler dans une entreprise internationale, Professeur Executive

(1023 Crissier Ch)

• CV CRM Application Support

Unemployed, Sought job:Application Support and Business Intelligence analyst Business Intelligence specialist,

(8105 Regensdorf Ch)

• CV Translator

Translation Intern, Sought job: Translator Translator,

( Naas Ie)

• CV Assistant

Administrative assistant, Assistant administrative Traduction, Administrative assistante Research analist ou tourism

(1820 Montreux Ch)

• CV Chimiste

Chimiste senior chef d'équipe, Emploi d'ingénieur chimiste / biochimiste /chimiste en polymères en Suisse Romande Manager, Chef d'équipe Ingénieur

(1257 La Croix-de-Rozon (Genève) Ch)


DIRECTEUR D'HOTEL, Candidature spontanée pour un poste de directeur ou adjoint de direction DIRECTEUR D'HOTEL, ADJOINT DE DIRECTION RESPONSABLE HEBERGEMENT

(93130 NOISY LE SEC Fr)

• CV To obtain a job from which I can maximize my communication, organizational ,sales and marketing deve

Product & Business Development Executive, To obtain a position where I can maximize my communication, organizational ,sales and marketing development and management, supply chain management, apparel design consulting skills , through which I can make consistent contributions to the organizations and industries. Sales Executive/ Manager, Marketing Executive/Manager Merchandiser

(518000 Shenzhen/ Baoan Cn)

• CV Ingénieur/technicien Biomédical

Technicien/ingénieur Biomédical, Ingénieur/Technicien Biomédical Peu importe,

(69200 Venissieux Fr)

• CV Assistante Administrative/Gestion, Assistante personnel, Gouvernante, Restaurant, Autres

Assistante de Gestion mandataire, Emploi de Assistante de Gestion, Assistante administrative, Assistante personnel, Gouvernante, Restaurant, Club de golf ou Yatch. Assistante Administrative, Assistante de Gestion Gouvernante

(1006 Lausanne Ch)

• CV In the field of exploration

Mining/geology/sales, Je cherche un emploi ingénieur géologue/dans le secteur minier et industrie/toute zone geographique/durée indeterminée. Exploration project manager, Quality controle manager Field geologiste

( Nouakchott Mr)

• CV Chargé de recrutement / Commercial

Group Leader, A l'écoute d'opportunités à l'international Commercial,

(74100 Vetraz-Monthoux Fr)

• CV Consultant - Project Management - Development

Consultant, Project Management - Business Development Consultant, Manager

(75014 Paris 14 Observatoire Fr)

• CV R&D, affaires reglementaires

Quality Specialist, Emploi de Chimiste de formulation Chimiste, Associé affaires reglementaires,

(1212 Grand Lancy Ch)

• CV Research and development

Researcher, Sought job: Experienced physicist seeking position in research and development, mathematical and physical modeling and simulation, project management, academic or professional training. Mathematical and physical modeling and simulation, Nuclear energy Material science, electronic components

(91000 Evry Fr)

• CV Software Developer, System Analyst, Computer Security, Information technology specialist, data minin

I.T specialist, Sought job:Software Developer, System Analyst or another other area that can make use of my Computer Science degree Entry level or intermediate level,

(536413 SINGAPORE Sg)

• CV Manager Envionnement, petrolem geologist

HSE environnement, Petroleum geologist environnementalist / Moyen Orient/Afrique/ oceanie/ Outre mer/reste du monde Petroleum geologist (intermediate, 8 years experience), Geologue petrolier, sedimentologue, étude de bassin, stratigraphie, correlation diagraphiques, analy EIA specialist

(25000 Besancon Fr)

• CV Poste de supervision dans la Mécanique de préférence.

Chef de Chantier, Emploi de SUP/MECA/GABON Chef de zone, Superintendent Superviseur

(84200 Carpentras Fr)

• CV Biology PhD

Unemployed, Pst-Doctoral Position in Molecular Biology Molecular Biology Teacher, Comparative genomic research Molecular phylogeny and evolution consultant

(11100 Narbonne Fr)

• CV Généraliste en Ressources Humaines

Chargé de gestion du financement de la formation, Emploi de géréraliste en Ressoruces Humaines Gestion de la paie, de la formation, recrutement, Gestion des IRP, chargé RH bilingue

(34080 Montpellier Fr)

• CV Recherche

Post doctorate, Sought job:Researcher in Biotechnology Chercheur,

(76100 Rouen Fr)

• CV Close Protection

Managing Director / Owner, Sought job: Close Protection / VIP Protection (Multi-lingual) VIP Protection,

(SW9 9PU London Gb)

• CV It

Intern, Sought job:Renault Finance, Lausanne, Suisse – Master Thesis project ►Evaluated & Improved Market Data reporting tools & Solutions; Documentations Finance, Scientifique Engineering

(1005 Lausanne Ch)

• CV Graphic designer, web designer, junior art director

Art director /Designer, Award winning Junior Art Director looking for a career opportunity in Asia Designer, Illustrator Project manager

(1972 Anzère Ch)

• CV Production Manager

Programme Acquisition Executive, Sought job: Acuisition&Sales Manager, Production Manager Programme Acquisition Executive, Sales Manager

(03-185 Warsaw Pl)

• CV Opérateur de Saisie

Sans emploi, Emploi d'opérateur de saisie a domicile Saisie comptable/ écriture lettre/ rédaction/,

(74100 Ville-la-Grand Fr)

• CV Ingénieur

Ingénieur Qualité Produit, A full-time job position as Engineer in instrumentation and industrial maintenance, I’am looking for a position in a dynamic enterprise, to put my knowledge and my experience in practice Chef de projet,

(59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq Fr)

• CV Geosciences, forage, GIS

Unemployed, Geosciences (geology, geophysics), logging, SIG Geologist, GIS Geophysicist, hydrogeologist

(514 Moramanga Ambony Mg)

• CV Seeking a position in various fields of Sales as well as marketing , Public Relation and Comercial.

Marketing and Comercial Assistant, Je cherche un emploi de Communication, Marketing and commerciale assistante. Seeking a position in various fields of Sales as well as marketing or comunication in a challenging work environment. Busco un puesto Comercial, de Mercadeo o de Relaciones Públicas. Pays: Tout / Durée: négociables Analyst, Asisstant Office Training

(10101 Caracas Ve)

• CV Agent commercial

Agent commercial, Domanda Di Lavoro a ( Italie-Suisse-Emirates arab uni-Maroc-Canada-Australie ) Manager de restaurant ou assistant manager, Réceptionniste dans un hôtel Agent de sécurité

(61049 Urbania It)

• CV Logistics and Supply Chain

National Manager of Distribution and Logistics, Sought job: Logistics and Supply Chain Department Manager,

(4460-261 Senhora da Hora Pt)

• CV Field engineer

Strategy and marketing advisor, Sought job: looking for a position of field engineer or in project management in the upstream business Entry level position, Project management Technical assistance

(26000 Valence Fr)

• CV Ingénieur biotechnologie

Ingénieur de recherche, Emploi d' Ingénieur biotechnologie recherche & développement santé/pharma Ingénieur de recherche, Assistant de recherche

(77380 Combs-la-Ville Fr)

• CV Freelance, reporter, photograph

Freelance, Sought job: newspaper internship Press intern,

(80129 Naples It)

• CV Analyste programmeur

Senior developpeur vba / sql, Analyste programmeur, specialiste support Analyste programmeur,

(1196 Gland Ch)

• CV Web developer

Researcher, Sought job:web developer It engineer researcher,

(1180 Uccle Be)

• CV Mobilité Internationale, Gestion des Expatriés, Ressources Humaines Internationales

Responsable Mobilité Internationale Branche VLS, International Mobility Gestionnaire des Expatriés, Mobilité Internationales,

(75011 Paris Fr)

• CV In Supply chain as a Senior administrative assistant

Orders processing & Logistics, supply Chain, Senior administrative assistant in a Trading (import/export) company With responsibilities,

(1003 Lausanne Ch)

• CV Acheteur

Acheteur Global Sourcing, Application project buyer Achat,

(81669 Munich / Allemagne Fr)

• CV Dessinateur industriel

Dessinateur Industriel, Déssinateur - Projeteur mécanique, structure métalique, machine spéciale Technical drafter - mecanical drafteur, steel structur, special machinery Déssinateur Mécanique, Déssinateur Structure métalique Déssinateur machine spéciale

(66280 Saleilles Fr)

• CV Chef de Produit

Chef de produit Sénior, Recherche CDI à temps plein de chef de produit dans le domaine bijouteir/joaillerie Chef de produit, Chef de projet Responsable industrialisation

(75017 Paris Fr)

• CV Ingenieur ou les domaines liés

Chef de bureau d'environment, Recherche un poste d'ingenieur agro ou les domaines liés, CDI, tout la France Ingenieur,

(031601 Bucharest Ro)

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